Bhangra on Memorial day

Do you want to get infused with high energy and feel like you are working out while having fun? Then try a Bhangra party. The highly aerobic steps of this Indian dance from the Punjabi region will put your heart to work and feel joy while doing it. If you want to try it tonight, go to Bhangratheque’s party. Here is the information:

DJ REKHA- Memorial Day Sunday

DJ Rekha is an eclectic DJ, producer, curator and founder of Basement Bhangra. She was named “Ambassador of Bhangra” by the New York Times as well as “one of the most influential South Asians in the United States” by Newsweek.

Sunday, May 29th, 2011
Memorial Day Weekend | Everyone off the next day

2210 W Chicago Avenue
Doors 9pm | 21+ only

$10 advance tickets (| $15 at the door
(Advance ticket holders get priority entry)

Also on turntables:
DJ Jimmy Singh
Rice The Sound Transmitter

Special bhangra dance performance by “Hareepa! Chicago” at 9.30pm

DJ Rekha

East meets West in Tony Talwar’s music

Tony Talwar is one of my recent discoveries in the local world music and dance scene in Chicago. I found his music very pleasant to listen to, so I decided to share it with you. Tony is a local cross-cultural DJ that likes to mix electronic dance music with classical Indian instruments such as sitar, sarangi, waja, tumbi, dhol and tabla. Vocals come from a variety of musical styles, including Qawwali, Bhangra, Bollywood and Raag. You can hear a sample of his music in the following link: The name of this song is Tabla Raaga Project and comes from his latest CD titled Bhangra Communication.  If you would like to hear more of his music or buy music for this CD, you can do it here.

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Unlimited Bhangra workout with Bollywood Groove for $35!

Attention dance lovers: Would you like to try  a vibrant dance that has infectious music, colorful costumes a lots of fun moves? Then you should take some Bollywood  or Bhangra dance lessons.

Bollywood dances emerged from India’s Hollywood equivalent movie industry.  From folk and Indian classical to belly dance and hip hop, Bollywood captures it all. Bhangra is a folk dance from northern part of the country known for its energetic moves and is done to the rhythmic beats of Dhol.

June marks the completion of 1 year of Chicago-based studio Bollywood Groove owned by Ajanta Chakrabortyis. Ajanta has a Senior Diploma in classical Indian dance of BharatNatyam from Prayag Sangeet Samiti and has extensive dance performance experience, beginning at age 5 and continuing till date. To celebrate the studio’s 1st year anniversary,

Bollywood Grove is offering an amazing deal. For the entire month of June, take Unlimited classes for only $35! This deal is valid for everyone including current and new participants. 
Please note: This deal is only valid for the first 50 people who sign up. Click here to sign up now.

And here is a video of Ajanta explaining the origin of Bhangra dance as well as a mini-lesson.

Today is World Dance Day!

Since 1982, UNESCO has designated today, April 29, as International Dance Day (World Dance Day). This day was created to increase awareness of the importance of dance among the general public, as well as to persuade governments all over the world to provide a proper place for dance in all systems of education.  Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO declares that “Dance, being a central part of every culture, constitutes the ideal means for bringing together people from different countries….For vividly illustrating cultural diversity, for embodying rapprochement, there is no better means than dance”.  I cannot agree with her more.

Dance has the power to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. I see it every time I dance. My current Tango class, for example, has students from different countries and ages. Despite all of our apparent differences, we all have something in common: our love for dancing. To me, dancing is a way to express myself and to connect with others through music. It allows me to communicate beyond spoken languages.  One word that describes the way I feel when I dance is JOY. I have also seen that joy in others, and many times I have  felt compelled to learn from them. So, today, I would like to thank those who inspire me to keep dancing: Wendy Clinard , Edo Sie and Azucena Vega for Flamenco;  Jenny Avellaneda, Pierr Padilla, Ruben Pachas, and Jessica Loyaga for Peruvian Folk Dance; Ariel Yanovsky, Shafqat Manzur, and Maria ArTango for Tango, and all the other impromptu teachers that I have encountered throughout my life. I also want to acknowledge my dear friend and fellow dancer Hector Bustamante for sharing his love and commitment to dancing with me and for encouraging me to keep improving my dance skills.

Tonight, I am planning on spending the night away dancing some Bhangra. I hope you can also feel the beauty and joy of dancing tonight. And remember:

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