Watch me on TV tonight for Perspectivas Latinas on CAN TV

Some of you know that I collaborate with CAN TV on the production and hosting of a bilingual forum called Perspectivas Latinas. The forum focuses on issues and concerns of Chicago nonprofit organizations in areas of health care, economic development, arts, education, immigration, labor, domestic violence, and other community concerns.

Interviewing Africaribe for  CAN TV's Perspectivas Latinas
Interviewing Africaribe for CAN TV’s Perspectivas Latinas

For those of you who live in Chicago and are not familiar with CAN TV, you should fix that ASAP.  CAN TV is an independent, nonprofit community media resource on cable devoted to giving every Chicagoan a voice on cable television. It is an excellent source of information about issues affecting Chicago residents and it gives you the opportunity to connect with local resources, interact with local politicians, and experience a diversity of viewpoints.

Tonight at 7:30pm, cable channel CAN TV 21  will be airing a funny interview I taped for Perspectivas Latinas with the cool guys from Sal Sation’s “Los Improviachis!”, a Latino sketch comedy group that sings improvised mariachi songs based on audience suggestions. We did one for Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and  they even created a song for me.  Hope you can tune in and if you have any suggestions or ideas for the show, please feel free to share them with me. CAN TV is available to all Chicago subscribers of Comcast, WOW and RCN.

Happy Saturday!

My TV interview with Chota Madre for CAN TV

Do you know there is a TV channel that belongs to the people of Chicago and gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television? Did you know that it provides video training, facilities and channel time?  I am talking about Chicago Access Network Television, or CAN TV. This is an independent nonprofit organization that administers and promotes the use of Chicago’s public access channels. CAN TV’s five local, non-commercial channels reach one million viewers in the city of Chicago and is recognized as one of the finest access centers in the country. Cable companies provide support for CAN TV as part of franchise commitments in the City of Chicago. Its programs are over 90% local, helping viewers find jobs, locate HIV/AIDS and domestic violence counseling, access art and educational resources, interact with local public officials, and experience a diversity of viewpoints.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting my first episode of CAN TV’s show Perspectivas Latinas, a weekly English/Spanish-language forum. My guests were the Director of Pachacamak Folk Foundation, Carmen Edith Freeze, an enthusiastic promoter of Ecuadorian culture in Chicago,  and New York band Chota Madre, a band that promotes Afro-Ecuadorian music out of Ecuador.  Here is the English version of the show:

If you want to see more of this awesome band, don’t miss their last show in Chicago tonight at Multikulti. You can find more information about this show here. Also,  if you are a Chicagoan, I would highly recommend connecting to  CAN TV as  a viewer, as a producer, or as someone who believes in the right of free expression. This channel is true democracy in action!

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