Chicago Flamenco Community gets together at Las Guitarras de España concert

Saturday, July 23 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Mayne Stage
1328 Morse Ave

I love Flamenco. I was hooked to it after connecting to its passionate energy at my first live Flamenco performance back in Lima many years ago. Being a Flamenco lover, I am always looking for opportunities in Chicago to experience this art form. So this Saturday I will have my so much needed dose of Flamenco thanks to Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain). “Las Guitarras” is a fabulous “world music” ensemble from Chicago that performs a fusion of Cuban son, rumba, R&B, Latin-jazz, blues, and African percussion with an underlying flamenco music and dance focus. As part of their “Flamenco Collaborations Series” at Mayne Stage, Las Guitarras De Espana will headline an evening celebrating flamenco dance featuring students of local teachers such as Melody Vasquez, Karen Stelling,The Flamenco Arts Center, Clinard Dance Theater, Urban Arts Flamenco Project, Edna Manteca and the Chiara Mangiameli Ensemble. This is a unique opportunity to see most of the Flamenco community in Chicago together in one show. For tickets and venue info, visit

Do you want to win tickets to this show?

The guys from Las Guitarras are giving away two tickets to the followers of Chicago Urbanite. So, if you want to get one of these tickets, just leave a comment in this post. The first two people leaving a comment get one ticket each. Good luck and see you this Saturday at Mayne Stage!

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