Video of Dance Flashmob at Novalima Concert in Chicago

We did it again! Our dance flashmob during Novalima’s concert at Clark Street Wold Music Festival  was a lot of fun and here is the video to prove it. Thanks to everyone who participated, and specially to Milagros Guerrero Ormeño, lead singer of the Peruvian dance band, Novalima, for being our accomplice!

Do you have any ideas for another flashmob? Leave your comment here. We want to hear it!

Exclusive video: Fanfare Ciorcalia Invites Us To Party With Them At Their Upcoming Concert In Chicago

Fanfare CiorcaliaNational Geographic Magazine calls their music a “complete Balkan stew.” They call themselves “the finest of Gangstabrass from the mountains beyond.” Fanfare Ciorcalia is a 12-member Romanian gypsy brass band that started as a wedding and party band in their tiny rural town of Zece Prajini and whose repertoire includes rhythms from their own country, Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Their music is 100% gypsy, fast, powerful and contagious.
You gotta watch this video they sent me to invite their Chicago fans to their upcoming show. They promise to blow off the roof, and believe me, they will! I went to their concert last year and I can tell you that their live performances are explosive and turn into big dance parties.

Event Details:

Thursday July 11 – 8pm at Martyr’s

Buy your tickets for this concert here.

Check Fanfare Ciorcalia music here

The band will also perform the following day at SummerDance Fest.

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