Tonight: Bosnian music with Amel Curic

Have you ever listened to Bosnian music? Tonight you have the chance to hear a sample of it from one of the most talented voices that this country has. Introducing Amel Curic, a charismatic and very talented Bosnian singer that is currently touring the United States.  I met Amel last Tuesday at Barra Enye, where his impromptu rendering of the Gypsy Kings song “Un Amor” left me with my jaw dropping. This guy can sing with such power and passion that leaves you speechless.
Amel Ćurić  was eight years old when his love towards music started to show. He attended an elementary school for musicians and performed as a bass player and back vocals for several local bands.  His first singing experience happened in 2000 when he performed as a lead vocal for the first time in two popular rock&roll bands from Tuzla, playing with famous guitar player Emir Hot. The first TV reality show Supernova Music Talents (Bosnian Idol) in Bosnia and Herzegovina starts in the year 2003, where out of 8.000 candidates he comes out as a winner and becomes very popular in his country. His professional singing career began soon after. He appears in numerous festivals in Bosnia (BH Radio festival, Music festival in Bihac, Mostar etc) and Montenegro (Festival of Budva). In 2005, with his single “Osmijeh Skriveni”, he becomes the absolute winner of the festival of Bihac. During that same year, he gets the relevant Radio M award for Hit of the year. This is an award given by the executives of the Bosnian radio stations. The following year, his first album called ” Urnebes” hits the stores. This album leads him to another very prestigious award, chosen by the best authors and composers from Bosnia, called “Davorin”, for Best debut album. He also got the award of Hit of the year in the pop-rock music category with his song “Stara ljubav” on Bosnian Music Oscar awards.
Amel is currently touring the United States and is performing in Chicago tonight May 6, tomorrow May 7 and also on May 13 and 14  at Belami Cafe (5530 N. Lincoln Ave). He will be singing Bosnian songs and songs from the rest of the Balkan region (Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia). In his shows, he also sings some famous covers in English. Show runs from 10pm to 2am.  Cover is $10 and includes one drink of your choice. Here are some  professional videos of Amel’s own material and some cover songs that he performs:
This video shows Amel’s guest appearance in the famous Bosnian TV reality show called Big Brother. He is singing a traditional song
And here is a video of Amel singing a cover of David Coverdale’s Sailing Ships song

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  1. I saw Amel’s performance last Friday and I was totally impressed by his great voice. It’s nice to see talented foreign singers who can transport us to a different world. AMAZING!

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