From Chicago with Love: Doing an An Early Meditation on Love with Mark Hetzel Lovesongs

Good morning! I am starting my day today by listening to some great music by Chicagoan Mark Hetzel and decided to share the love with you by blogging about it. Mark defines his music as a mix of folk, rock, and world music. Formed in January 2006 after 2+ years meticulously recording the debut Lovesongs: An Early Meditation on Love and Alienation in the Modern Era…MARK HETZEL and his ensemble SUMMER OF LOVE have been referred to as a remedy for Chicago’s harsh winters by means of its “sunshine music.” Its focus is on positivity and (agreeing that 40 years is much too long to wait for another love revolution) a belief in the power of love and compassion to deal with the challenging state that Mama Earth/we find ourselves in. The band lends itself to many possible ensembles – up to 7 members in total – and has reinvented itself with each performance from Chicago to Cape Town, South Africa. This is the perfect music to start your morning. Hope you like it as much as I do. Listen to Lovesongs here:

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