Help us get the Music Without Border Series reinstated

The city of Chicago is canceling the international music series “Music Without Borders” that is held every summer in Millennium Park. This great world music series offers a unique cultural experience and a summer highlight for many because it exposes thousands of Chicagoans and visitors to wonderful music and cultures from around the world. Discontinuing the program would represent a huge loss for Chicago and a setback for the goal of being known as a city that has the very best in arts, creativity, and innovation.

Chicagoans need  this kind of programming to foster Chicago’s reputation as a global cultural destination and as a city that promotes inclusion and appreciation for cultural diversity. The “Music Without Borders” series brings people from diverse ethnic populations and ages together to joyfully celebrate and learn about the beauty of cultural diversity.

These concerts also encourage pride in the city,  as well as intercultural integration. In the city of Chicago, which was recently cited as being the most segregated city in the nation , “Music Without Borders” provides a space for interaction between different cultural groups in the public sphere and encourages a positive attitude towards diversity and integration.  Watch the video below to understand the spirit that the Music Without Borders created and the love for Chicago that it infused in people attending these concerts:

It would be great to have some of our tax dollars dedicated to support international music programs that promote inclusion and intercultural integration. Music Without Borders gives Chicago a visibility as a  world-class destination,  bringing visitors to the city, benefiting business, and helping achieve Mayor Emmanuel’s goal of getting 50 million visitors by 2020. We hope the city of Chicago considers reinstating Music Without Borders to strengthen Chicago’s reputation as a global cultural destination.

I started a petition to get Music Without Borders reinstated. If you are interested in supporting this cause,  please click here to sign the petition , share this post, and leave a comment here.


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