Like Drums? Act fast and get free tickets to an explosive Japanese Taiko drumming concert with HO ETSU


Have you ever been to a Taiko drumming concert? If you have not, then this is your chance to go to one!  I believe you will find the unique, cultural appeal of this concert very interesting. Ho Etsu Taiko is a Chicago-based Japanese drum ensemble that brings a passionate energy and lively spirit to the rich tradition of  Taiko drumming. Ho Etsu means ‘a way to spread joy’, and this idea centers their philosophy. They bring a bright, energizing sound to the stage to infuse taiko’s cultural legacy with new vitality, bridging the tradition through fresh experiences and influences. Ho Etsu formed in 1997 at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood. The original Midwest Buddhist Temple taiko group was the first ensemble in Chicago, born in the 1970s during the earliest wave of Japanese-American taiko. From these deep roots, Ho Etsu blossomed into one of the most dynamic and exciting taiko ensembles in the city.

This July 28, Ho Etsu Taiko is inviting us to help them celebrate their 15th Anniversary. Appropriately named HANABI (‘fireworks’), this concert will introduce us to their explosive sound and striking compositions.  In addition, they will be joined on stage by one of their earliest mentors – Kiyoshi Nagata – and his Toronto-based professional taiko and music ensemble, Nagata Shachu. As they continue to build upon their unique Taiko foundation stemming from both Japanese and American influences, this group aspires to bring a youthful and energizing sound to the stage.


Free Tickets

Ho Etsu Taiko wants Chicago Urbanite  followers to join their 15th Anniversary concert.  And for that, they are giving away free tickets to the first 20 people that subscribe to my blog. Are you a subscriber already? Then leave a comment on this post to count you in.

$15 Discount Price
If you are not able to get a free ticket, you can still get a great deal for this show. Just call to reserve tickets at a special price of $15 with the phrase “Ho Etsu Loves Chicago Urbanites.” You will be able to pick up your ticket at the box office on the day of the show with an ID. The number to call is  312 725 8225  (Midwest Buddhist Temple)

Both offers apply to both shows, 2 pm and 7 pm.

Check Ho Etsu in action in this video:

Here are the times and location of the concerts:
HO ETSU TAIKO presents ‘HANABI’ | Celebrating 15 Years of Ho Etsu Taiko
TWO SHOWS | 2-4pm and 7-9pm
University of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts
915 E 60th St. 60637
For more info on HO ETSU TAIKO, check out their Website or Facebook page.
For more info on NAGATA SHACHU, check out their website and their promo video.

15 Replies to “Like Drums? Act fast and get free tickets to an explosive Japanese Taiko drumming concert with HO ETSU”

  1. Yes, it is a shame that Music Without Borders Series is gone. I will go to this event to support it. May I have one ticket please?

  2. Thanks for your interest in subscribing Roberta. Don’t worry, I added your email to the list for you.
    Tatiana: Congrats! You have one free ticket! Please tell the person who needs a ticket to “follow” the blog via email and leave a comment here. Thanks!

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