Review and Video of Jovanotti concert in Chicago

Safari (Jovanotti album)
Safari (Jovanotti album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I went to Jovanotti’s concert last night and let me tell you: the Italian superstar delivered! He got us dancing and kept us entertained with his  joyous, genuine, and contagious energy.   Jovanotti is definitely a GREAT live performer. He managed to project his energy all the way to the back of the room.  American neophytes who have never heard his music before, and others like me who just know a few of his songs, connected to each one of them.  The guy was as hot as the complete head-to-toe red outfit he was wearing for the occasion.

Jovanotti did not forget to acknowledge his hip-hop roots. He paid tribute to Black American musicians like Sugarhill Gang, and along with his funky music, he played  some Mediterranean and Latino rhythms (he has two Brazilian percussionists in his band and ended the concert with a “Salsa” version of a piano tune). He even rapped and interacted with the audience in English, Spanish, and Italian, showing a musical and language versatility that goes hand-in-hand with his progressive global vision.

For someone who is a superstar and sells out stadiums in Europe, it was a special treat to see him perform in a more intimate concert venue such as the Vic Theater. Next time he is in town, you should go see him, even if you are not familiar with his music. You will enjoy the concert regardless!  Here is some footage of last night’s concert. Enjoy!

8 Replies to “Review and Video of Jovanotti concert in Chicago”

      1. I agree, and the cost of the ticket was great too, I dislike artists that you have to spend over 100$ to see them. You can put up a great show with music and energy like he does.

  1. I agree Vittorio. The cost of the ticket was affordable. Let’s hope that next time he performs in Chicago, prices are still the same. I would definitely go to his concert again. Italians have a great ambassador in Jovanotti. 🙂

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