Video of Gladys Knight and Phylicia Rashad at Chicago Urban League Gala

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Hey Pips! I want to share a great event I went to this last Saturday. I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Urban League’s Golden Fellowship Dinner, which provided an inspiring and uplifting event featuring amazing speakers and a performance by Gladys Knight that blew the room away. The Urban League promotes economic, educational and social progress for African-Americans and promotes strong, sustainable communities through advocacy, collaboration and innovation. This event reminded me on how far we have come as a nation  to  provide equality of opportunity and how important it is to continue empowering all of our communities.

During the gala, leaders shared their stories of struggle, success and how they were helped along the way. The Cosby Show’s Phylicia Rashad, and the Rev. Willie T. Barrow, one of the nation’s consummate community organizers and respected Civil Rights leaders, accepted the Edwin C. “Bill” Berry Civil Rights Award.

Here is the vid:

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  1. It is the Africa-American community that has a great tradition in this country of social justice. From the abolition of slavery (because there would be no Lincoln without Federick Douglas and his abolitionist movement) to the Civil Rights movement (President Lyndon B. Johnson would not have signed the civil rights bill without Martin Luther King and the movement pushing him), to the Black Power movement ( Malcolm X was the precursor to a movement that sought to empower Black people to do for self) to the Hip Hop movement (too many people to name here) we all have followed suit or have derived inspiration from the Black experience in America. A perfect example would be in the Latino community with the Immigration reform movement we see today. This movement is a chapter in Latino civil rights movement.

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