Chicago Symphony Orchestra Imports Cuban Goods

The other night, I was at the Orchestra Hall of  Symphony Center,  waiting for the start of a Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert. While waiting,  I was admiring all the beauty that this place beholds. I felt grateful for living in a city that has such an amazing space for music and such a magnificent orchestra. Did you know that the Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center was designated a National Historic Landmark and that Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the five American orchestras commonly referred to as the “Big Five“? The CSO does not only hold classical music concerts, but also world music events. This year, I had the pleasure of  seeing the Sowetto Gospel Choir from South Africa and Flamenco guitar virtuoso Paco de Lucia from Spain there.

This Friday, it is Cuba’s turn. Vibraphonist Stefon Harris, saxophonist David Sánchez and trumpeter Nicholas Payton cross the 90-mile divide between Cuba and the United States in a session that blends traditional Cuban rhythms with jazz. Not only do these three virtuosos combine to generate a unique musical force, they create a true Cuban-American musical collaboration that defies political borders. Kicking off this double bill is Grammy® Award-winning Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba with an extraordinary solo set.  You can buy tickets for this show here. And if you want to see a panoramic view of the Orchestra Hall, just double click the picture below. You will feel as if you are sitting there!


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  1. By the way, from November 28 – December 4, purchase any tickets from and they’ll waive the normal $6 web order fee. This offer will expire at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. This offer is available for all concert tickets sold online.

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