June 10: Flamenco-Balkan-Persian concert with Karpah and Bad Mashadi


Bad Mashadi, Karpah and DJ Armin are playing together from Persian and Balkan music to French/Latin Flamenco and Iranian house music this Monday June 10. This is what the musicians are saying about this show:

The world is not ending just yet, but it is getting harder to travel and avoid the x-ray machines and border dogs. Join the Coup D’etat Al-Bohème on June 10 and dance your fears away. Musicians from Poland, Iran, Mexico, France, America and Argentina will play and play and play…

Karpah, a Chicago-based Flamenco fusion band, effortlessly blends together the heritage and musical influences of each band member’s culture. Hailing from Argentina, France, and Mexico, this instrumental power trio showcases compositions that incorporate Rumba Flamenca, Tango Flamenco, Eastern European rhythms, Funk and Rock.

Bad Mashadi is a contemporary fusion of Persian and Balkan music that also incorporates electronic elements. The band’s project and vision is to constantly change and blend the music of the Middle East and beyond to create an original sound signature. Bad Mashadi is the story teller in a globalized world of cultural conflicts and contrasts.

DJ Armin is a recent immigrant from Iran where he had been involved in the house music scene in Tehran’s underground venues. Often accompanied by a live percussionist, his unique collection includes remixes of Middle Eastern folk and pop music.

Cover: $10

Venue: The Burlington (3425 W Fullerton Ave Chicago)

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