Join the World Naked Bike Ride Chicago Tonight

word naked bike ride

Tonight the World Naked Bike Ride rolls across the globe promoting freedom from oil and the beauty of people in hundreds of cities. This year is the 10th annual Wold Naked Bike Ride in Chicago. Chicago’s ride runs for 14 miles and draws over a thousand participants.  If you want to join them, just jump on a bike, lace up those skates or grab a long board! As long as you travel by the power of your body and conscience you can roll with this group. Bare-as-you-dare outfits range from fanciful costumes, body paint and undies, to nothing at all. Yes, that’s right, you can get naked tonight and tour this great city to be cheered on by thousands like a rock star.

Here  are the organizers’ instructions on how to join this ride:

PARTICIPANTS must show Person-Powered Wheels.

FANS see  @ChiNakedRide  #WNBRC

CHECK-IN (Today, Sat Jun 8, 6pm):
900 West Adams – Mary Bartelme park – Participants on people powered wheels will be forwarded to start location. Do NOT show up naked.

LEAVING EARLY (8pm):Ride leaves before sunset for slightly better light and warmth. DON’T BE LATE! Or we will leave you behind. Make sure your bike’s ready and that you’re capable of 14 miles in under three hours (slow to medium pace, stops often).

CROWDING:Weather and publicity and history may bring record turnout. Pro Tip is to come pre-decorated, hang streetside, and disrobe upon launch. However, if you arrive early, we have body painting supplies on hand.

GAWKERS:We invite the public to join us in protesting British Petroleum’s abuse of our planet when we give the station at Fullerton & Ashland a big swirlie. Please keep in mind to not ride too close to bystanders, a lot of people just want to high five you, but some might slap more than your hand, so be careful and stay to the center of the road to avoid being grabbed.

Visit or text WHERE to to follow the action live.



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