SEXomedy: Hysterical, Untamed, Unashamed

In the days of reality TV where just anyone can become famous for being married into the mob, NBA, or a rich family, it’s refreshing to see young artists climb their way to notoriety on the backs of their own talent. Chicago has long since been the breeding grounds for artists in the fields of theatre, music, comedy, dance, and performance, and is now becoming the forefront of the most innovative and provocative solo artists. Included in this exciting group is a wave of revolutionary Latino performers pushing the envelope, and breaking stereotypes. One of them is Melissa DuPrey, a Boricua from the  Humboldt Park neighborhood who has been firing up the stages with live theatre and comedy around the city.

I recently  had the pleasure to interview Melissa for CAN TV’s show Perspectivas  Latinas and talk about her  latest production called SEXomedy, a raw and edgy comedy show of one’s woman attempt to reveal her truth about sex. In it, Melissa unveils her many tales of frustration, surprise, and pleasures in the bedroom. From preparing to do the deed to the hassles of dating, from shaving to Abuela’s consejitos, Melissa dares to share what your mama never told you about sex. You will find yourself laughing, blushing, and screaming for more! Her monologue is full of very candid and hilarious jokes; however, they are not superficial at all. Through them, Melissa is addressing deeper issues, such as her perspectives about gender roles, self-image and even race in Latino and American cultures. The show is Melissa’s declaration of independence with her own sexuality and sense of being.  If you are curious about her and the show (I’m sure you are!), go to her next performance; you will have a great time. Here is the information:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Greenhouse Theater – Downstairs Mainstage
2257 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 404-4336

Tickets cost $15 and you can buy them here

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