Can We Sing for Hope in Chicago?

My opera singer friend/songwriter Javier Bernardo, whom I met last year at the production of Aida for The Lyric Opera of Chicago, has the following picture as his Facebook profile:

Javier Bernardo singing for Hope
Javier Bernardo – Sing for Hope

I liked the picture so much that I had to ask him the story behind it. It was not taken in Chicago, but in New York, and the piano he is playing is one of many artist-designed pianos placed around the city for the use and enjoyment of the public by an organization called Sing for Hope. The organization has the following statement on their website:

The Sing for Hope Pianos unite our city, first as artists from all walks of life created daily spontaneous concerts and neighborhoods came together around the shared gift of music and art, and then as the pianos live on in their permanent homes. After their public residency, Sing for Hope donates each piano to an under-served local school, healthcare facility, or community organization, where Sing for Hope artists continue to bring the pianos to life year-round through classes, performances, and workshops.

I would love to see something similar emerging in Chicago as a resource for artists to engage and transform the violence that dominates our under-served communities through inclusive and accessible art for all. Any ideas on how to make this happen?

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