Experience Live Big Band Cuban Style in Chicago

The first immigrants from Cuba began setting foot in Chicago during the 1950s, fleeing their country for economical or political reasons. Their port of entry was the Logan Square neighborhood. Many of them eventually progressed and left to move to the suburbs and, but sixty years later, you can still feel their presence in Logan Square. If you wander around its streets, you may find a Cuban corner store, a restaurant that serves Cuban food, and if you speak Spanish, you may even hear people talking with a distinct Cuban accent. One of these old Logan Square residents told me about a great anecdote that happened in the neighborhood involving the famous and beloved Cuban singer Celia Cruz. His neighbor almost ran her over on the corner of Sacramento and Palmer Square Blvd. Celia was in the neighborhood to participate in the baptism of her godchild and was probably crossing the street on her way to St. Sylvester Church. She had relatives living in the neighborhood at that time.

It seems only appropriate, given the significance of the 1950s era in the history of the Cuban community in Chicago, to pay tribute to the Cuban music of that period. Sylvia Hevia, from Sylvia Hevia Productions, had the brilliant idea of reviving the music of some of Cuba’s best artists, and thus honoring a timeless era in Latin Music. The show is tomorrow, Friday, December 12th at the Vittum Theater. It is the first one of its kind, and it will honor Cuban music legends such as Beny Moré, Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club and Gloria Estefan. The whole band will be dressed in 1950’s attire, capturing the era, with tuxedos for the men and elegant long gowns for the women. The show will feature Chicago vocalists Ivelisse Diaz, Patricia Ortega, Edward Carpio and Fernando Quintero. This is a concert-style show, so there is no space to dance, but the show promises to be delightful.

Buy your tickets here


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