Must see this weekend: Red Bull Flying Bach Chicago

Who would’ve thought that Bach and breakdance could get along so well? Well, the four time world champion breakdance crew Flying Steps along with opera director Christoph Hegel thought they could, and gave birth to an explosive, creative,  and fun show that will have you scream with excitement at the end of it.   Coming all the way from Germany, this production is the ultimate clash of cultures, with bboys/breakdancers literary “flying” to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach being played live on piano and harpsichord or with some cool electronic beats.

I went to the opening show last night and we had a standing and screaming ovation! You should go, even if you are not into breakdance or Bach. This clash is unique! The dancers are very talented and will make you wonder how they are able to defy gravity and every other natural law.  This a 90 minute show but come early, because the lobby experience is pretty cool too. I took this picture before the show:

Convinced? Then buy your tickets at

Photo credit: NYP photography

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