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Hello! My name is Claudia Urbano. I am originally from Peru and a resident of Chicago by choice.  I love this city because of its rich cultural diversity, promotion of the arts, and feeling of authenticity.

My love for this city led me to create this blog. I founded Chicago Urbanite with the mission to promote Chicago as a global cultural destination. This blog wants to give Chicago residents and visitors information about living in and traveling to Chicago. 

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Welcome to my blog and have fun exploring Chicago!


28 Replies to “About”

  1. It is always nice to know that there is something new and good going on in this beautiful city.
    And of course, it is great if this is coming from a talented person who loves Chicago and who will let us know every day about all these events and activities.
    Congratulations for this Blog Claudia !!! This is a good beginning !!

    1. Thanks for your support Carlos! I hope you get inspired to explore this aspect of the city. Chicago is a wonderful place for anyone who is interested in learning about other cultures.

    2. Very interesting idea; just a few persons think about that. CONGRATULATIONS and obviously you have our help for everything. Probably you will show the rest of world Peruvian folklore. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Sharon! I hope you get the chance to come to any of the events I feature here and have a personal experience with this wonderful side of Chicago. Please feel free to submit any world music/dance events happening in your neighborhood.

  2. Enjoyed your blog, and just wanted you to know that Flamenco Chicago is starting two flamenco classes for absolute beginners this week: On Wednesdays from 8:15-9:15pm, and on Saturdays from 1-2pm. Each class runs for a six-week session starting this week. Tuition is $95 for the session. If you’re interested in more information about us, please email me, and thank you for all of the great information on cultural events in Chicago!

    1. Hi Rosetta!
      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am interested in what you do. I created this blog to build a community of people involved or interested in the local world music and dance scene. So please, send any information you may want to share to chicagourbanite@hotmail.com. You can also follow this blog on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/chicagourbanite (click on the “like” button to get updates and post information). Best of luck in all you do, and keep promoting Flamenco in Chicago. OLE!

  3. Great job on the Peruvian Independence Day at Rio’s!

    It was really fun, great food and show 🙂

    It’s nice to go to events with culture! I’ll definitely try to go to more of your activities.

    Daniel J

  4. This is a website not to miss! Thank you Claudia for all you do!
    The Peruvian event I recently attended was a real pleasure to meet such wonderful Peruvian people, exiting entertainment and dancing! I learned something about your culture. Great food Great people, great organizer! gracias for all the fun!!

  5. Thank you Claudia for promoting our Christmas Party Fundraising event.
    The party was a success! and you helped us tons with the promotion and advertisement.
    Our organization, The Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS), appreciates your hard work and commitment in helping underserved people of Peru.
    Our website is ready at http://www.ILPAMS.com. It has a link to paypal for donations. Donations are tax deductilble. You have many followers, congratulations!

  6. Claudia! Congratulation! for you first anniversary of chicago Urbanite Blog, you are doing excellent work with you blog , giving information about all cultural events that happen in Chicago. Also the party celebrating you first anniversary last night ,was a blast!
    Keep doing this excellent job!

  7. Hola Claudia! Congrats to you and the continued success of your site! Would love to use you as a link on our website. You have tons of great info serves Chicago well. You may have this 411 already, but just in case, Bebel Gilberto (bossa nova songtress) is making an appearance @ Macys on State Street. They are turning Macys into a Brazilian Carnaval and Samba 1, Chi-Caribena, and I believe Tropicalia dance troupes are making an appearance

    1. Nice! Thanks for the nice comments Diane! And no, I did not know about that show. What a great event! Congrats! Please send me the details about it. Is there a link? And yes, please feel to include a link on your website. 🙂

  8. It was nice to have met you and the Nubambu Group at the Carnaval party. The music was great and I hope to see you all sing once more. And thanks for giving me your blog website as well! If you cant remember me Im the one with the dreads. Primitivo’s friend.

  9. Hi Claudia,

    My name is Alex Gallegos and I am Manager of Community Outreach at Lincoln Park Zoo.

    We have launched a new event called Salsa at the Zoo. The first one premiered on July 25th and it was a blast!

    Would you be willing to post about the event on your blog/website? Here is the link to the zoo’s salsa page http://www.lpzoo.org/events/calendar/salsa-zoo . If you are interested, I can send you the digital flyer. Please email me at agallegos@lpzoo.org.

    By the way, this is a great website!

    Thank you!


      1. Awesome! I just replied to the email I recieved. Please let me know if it has made it to your inbox. Thanks again Claudia!

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