Dance to Flamenco Singing Workshop

Clinard Dance Theatre Presents: Dance to Flamenco Singing Workshop

with Guest Vocalist Alfonso Cid

How to dance to flamenco singing? This is a question a lot of dancers ask. It may seem like one of the most difficult things about flamenco dancing. In this two-hour session, New York-based flamenco singer Alfonso Cid will help you understand the flamenco stanzas, how they are phrased, and the patterns of that phrasing so you will know at all times where you are at in the song.

He will also go through music concepts such as compas, dynamics, tempo, and more specific flamenco terminology as llamadas, cortes or remates and desplantes, as well as the structure of a flamenco choreography.

When: Saturday, August 10th 10AM-12PM
Where: Clinard Dance Studio (1747 S. Halsted St., Rear)
Cost: $40 per student

Contact Clinard Dance Theatre at (312) 399-1984 or email at for more information.

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